You put a lot of effort into writing your research paper. Sure, you sought help with research paper from your peers and professors, but you still managed to write it on your own. You did not have to approach a research paper company and pay them to do the work on your behalf. Unfortunately, the grades you receive on your paper are less than expected. Why? Because of poor grammar and stylistic choices. Yes, most students take these aspects of writing for granted, but they can make a huge difference in the quality of your paper. For example, did you know that grammatical errors comprise 21 percent of all writing errors? No wonder students buy college research paper! However, it is not too difficult to rectify these grammar and style mistakes with a little bit of effort. Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Simply follow the rules given below and you won’t have to rely on external research paper help.

Add Commas and Semi-Colons
Most people forget to add commas and semi-colons in appropriate places. The trick is to read your sentence aloud and see where you would need to pause to draw breath. If the pause is a short one, you probably require a comma. But for longer pauses, you probably need a semi-colon. Keep in mind that whatever words follow a semi-colon must stand on their own as a full sentence. Unless you add these punctuation marks, it becomes difficult for the reader to follow what you’re saying, rendering the sentence unreadable. College or high school, Weekly Essay can help everyone.

Use Dashes and Hyphens in Appropriate Places
If you are setting off a clause, you might have to use the longer dash, known as the m-dash. Make sure the parts of the sentence that come before and after the dashes make sense if the dashes are removed. The m-dash may also be used in place of a colon if you wish to highlight the words that follow.

Abbreviations Must Always Be Identified
Practice identifying your abbreviations in your writing, unless you are confident that the average reader will be able to identify them, like CEO, NATO, and WHO. It’s also a good idea to remember who your readers are for this essay – if they are specialists in that field, you might not have to explain the abbreviations for them.

Do Not Use Split Infinitives
Split infinitives complicate a particular sentence, and make it seem clumsy and awkward. So try to avoid keeping infinitives together in a sentence.

Clearly State Referents
You need to express your intentions clearly. When you’re saying, “This point” or “that sentence” or just “it”, make sure the readers understand which point or sentence you mean. This is a mistake that even the best research paper sites commit. So, be sure to avoid any confusion.

Use Italics and Underlines Properly
Only one of these can be used in your paper but it is not a good practice to use both. That’s because the imply the same thing.

Check Your Sentences for Parallel Construction
Parallel construction is a good practice for research paper writers because it teaches them to keep it short and direct. So, you can take out words from a sentence but still not change its meaning.

Avoid the Use of Passive Voice
Passive voice tends to ruin the flow of your writing. After all, the sentence, “He will do my research paper” sounds better than “My research paper will be done by him.”

Grammar and style might not be at the top of your priority list when you’re writing a research paper. But they can be extremely helpful if you wish to secure good marks, because they help the teacher makes sense of your paper and convey the meaning more easily.